An update on Mark

Back in August of last year, this blog posted an entry from a gentleman named Mark Lindquist. I invite you to read that piece before reading this update as you will get better context from that post. 

As you can read below, allowed to be posted by permission of Mark, he has chosen another path of life than that of elected office. He heard a calling and now is working to make that calling into a reality. These posts were put up on his Facebook page about a week ago, so there are a few days left before he departs for Warsaw, Poland, and starts working there. That’ll be on March 29.  

Post 1, March 20. 2022

 Due to world events, I am officially suspending my campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives until further notice.

To fully concentrate on the mission at hand in Poland and Ukraine, this is the best thing for me right now. I simply feel like this is where I’m needed most. 

I will conduct humanitarian missions at the border and if they eventually let me in the Territorial Defense, that’s where I’ll take my orders from. 

If you ask me what will happen with my political aspirations in the future, I don’t have a good answer for that. I don’t know what will happen. I’m headed into a war zone, and nobody knows what is going to happen next. The least of my concerns right now is American politics… Some people might disagree with that and that’s OK, You do you, I’ll do me. 🤝

Thank you to everyone who supports my dreams!

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Mark Lindquist
PC: Mark’s Facebook Page

Mark posted this before his “formal announcement” above. For sake of threading a theme through this story, this is posted after the announcement. Posted 3-18-2022. 

It has been a crazy 24 hours, and a good crazy. I leave in 11 days for Warsaw. So many people have reached out and responded to the news of a humanitarian mission to Ukraine/Poland based out of Fargo/Moorhead and the greater Midwest. I can be your liaison, your POC (point of contact) on the ground helping as many people as possible. IF YOU HAVE PEOPLE IN NEED, SOMETHING TO DONATE, OR A WAY TO SUPPORT – please message me. We’re creating a database of contacts and we’ll rally as much support as possible. 

I’m raising money for a vehicle that can transport refugees from especially eastern Ukraine back to Poland. I’ve been in touch with people on that side of the country who are caring for those who want to get out but can’t ride a train packed with 2000 people due to their health condition. We’ll use the money raised for supplies and humanitarian support at the border if we don’t need to buy a vehicle. I won’t know for sure until I get there and start coordinating things. 

I already have a lead on a couple vehicles, but if you have connections with transport options, please get in touch. 

I’ve already made contact with people in over a dozen cities in Ukraine and we’re compiling a list of those who need supplies, support, or extraction and that will be our mission profile for now. 

If you have extra to give, please follow the gofundme link pinned to the top of my Facebook profile. 

No word yet from the Ukrainian Embassy on my Territorial Defense application – most of the Veterans I’ve been in touch with haven’t heard back yet either. We’re supposed to do an interview with the Ministry of Defense soon. 


Politics Hawaii with Stan Fichtman wishes Mark well. In correspondence with him, the request was made to keep in touch and provide updates. If they come across, you can bet you’ll see them on these e-pages.