Returning to normal

AND NOW we are being told that the saga might be over. As this is written, letters are going out from employers informing employees that they should plan to return to the office and that social norms that were created to address the crisis will be rescinded with a timeline to match.

With the news coming out of this, all one needs to do is go on social media to see how widespread people’s opinions are of this development. Some are enthusiastic, never seeing the event as a permanent thing and never allowing the changes to change them.

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Hard getting a seat now

Thanks to the vaccine, which we were told going back to the beginning of the COVID saga was the only real solution to solving the crisis, this relaxation can come with confidence. And it’s this confidence that our state government needs to start expressing should it want to play the role of supporter of society, rather than the oppressor.

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Tell me a bedtime story about how Gov. David Ige saved Hawaii.

From time to time, readers of this blog will send me compelling views on things, While I, Stan Fichtman, am the primary writer and poster on this site, I am also about expressing other viewpoints that are thought out and provide a perspective that I feel would be valuable to you as the reader.
Such is this piece, Writer chooses to remain anonymous. PHwSF respects that wish.

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