Is this all a joke now?

So it came to pass at about 9:30 on Sunday night (8/11) I was about to head to bed when I got a text showing the now infamous “arrest of Jason Momoa” at the location of the campsite of the Mauna Kea opposition.

I immediately sent the photo (below) out to friends and asked them to confirm or figure out what was going on. For me, my blood was boiling when this photo. It relayed that the whole thing going on at Mauna Kea was nothing but a big fat joke by both sides – Jason and the police.

Momoa being “Arrested” by Hawaii police

Soon enough, though, I got confirmation – this photo really went out.

For this, and a Tweet Momoa sent out a day before this saying that he got run over by a tractor and couldn’t film Aquaman 2 right now, were all “jokes in fun”.


The point is, up until I saw this photo, I was taking the Mauna Kea blockade seriously. Every move and every visit portrayed a sense of respect and reverence, and a host of seriousness as an add-on. Well, obviously, the lead voice in the protest, Jason Momoa, was a little more lighthearted about it or just thought that it would be fun to make jokes out of it.

And, of course because of his fame, people would just laugh it off and say “oh how witty Jason, good one!” Sorry, I’m not laughing.

The issue of Mauna Kea is one that, on one side, is trying to address grievances with the authorities. On the other side, it’s a serious discussion about enforcing the law. On both sides, they are in a stare-down mode daring either side to make a move that would lead, possibly to violence. This is a issue which has affected people on all islands and brought to question who Hawaii is.

To everyone who is dismissing this event as a “nice joke”, here is my advise: knock it off. Instead get your head in the game and resolve this standoff now.