It’s time to vote

This message to the readers of PHwSF is going to be short and sweet.

If you have received a ballot in the mail, please open it up, make your choices, follow the instructions and get your vote in.

You may choose someone that will lose. You may have a problem choosing from two candidates on the ballot. You may not know or understand the various questions to change the county charters on the ballot.

That is okay! Take a little time to read up on them, call a friend, or talk to your spouse about the items (hey, maybe they know more than you on this).

But at the end of the process, put your ballot into the sleeve;

Put it into the envelope; 

Seal the envelope;

Sign the envelope as indicated (important step); and then

Go to a ballot box and turn it in (as of this writing it’s going to be too late to post this in the mail).

If you really believe in voting in person, there are locations across the state where you can up until the close of ballots on November 8th. But mailing it in is fine, especially in Hawaii.
PC: “Vote Ballot Box” by Prachatai is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Then go to the store;

Buy some good popcorn; and

Tune into your favorite TV station and their hired pundits on Tuesday, November 8th, and find out the results.

Then come back here in a week or so, to, as this humble blogger might have a couple of things to say about the result.

Remember, every vote counts.