Voter apathy= voting in the retreads

Earlier this week I was speaking to people about the Mauna Kea/Kia’i/TMT issue that continues on to this day.

Will Mauna Kea/TMT/Kia’i create more voter apathy?

These are folks who are both working on the issue, as well as people who walk through the local KTA (a supermarket chain on the Big Island) listening to the chatter about this issue. So a diverse group of voices you will agree.

And for both sides, I will say that the stories they are telling me, from their perspective, make me want to give up caring. Here’s why.

For the friends who walks through KTA, they hear that people don’t like the standoff, but say it in such hushed tones so not to rile up those who are passionate about the Mauna. All fair and good, you don’t want to cause a fight in a supermarket considering how many weapons are at your disposal there. But outside of the passionate, it’s becoming apparent that people on the Big Island don’t see a solution to the standoff, and so feel that it’s a non-issue in their life anymore. That equates to not caring, anymore.

Now to the people that are working on this issue from a more authoritative standpoint, the view is even worse. While there is a lot of hope that Big Island Mayor Harry Kim can come up with some master stroke of solution to all this, as the weeks go on, they even know a rational solution is becoming less and less.

And then when you ask “so, what about the (Hawaii State) Legislature stepping in and holding a special session or something”, the answer back? “too many want (Hawaii Governor) Ige to fail.”

So now, with these two perspectives, we could walk away with these assumptions: 1. Leadership is non-existent and now choosing to sit back and play political games; and 2. The people on the ground watching from their perspective don’t see a solution, either, and thus have stopped caring for a large part.

Image result for clipart ballot box apathy
If leadership does not show up, we might not even get this level of participation at the ballot box in Hawaii

I will say that if the people stop caring about an issue while the leaders of this state mess around and play other games with this issue, the real victim here will be the percentage of voters going to the ballot box. Because as noted with both parties I spoke to, apathy can be felt all over.

And if you don’t know what apathy does to a state, just look at the retread politicians, who see that they may have a chance of redemption, announcing their intention to move into higher offices. They know that apathy lowers the voting count, and therefore inversely increases their chances. Because let’s face it, add enough apathy to the voting population, and all who vote are just party-line folks who are not critical thinkers.

And if we just have party and political robots voting, then we will get the retreads thinking that the “people love them”, but, in reality, all still hate them. Think about it.