You (sir, ma’am) get nothing!

On Wednesday (8/28), the Democratic Party came out with its final list of participants for the third round of presidential candidate debates. Based on the requirements to be invited to this debate, the list of candidates has whittled down from 21 or so to 10.

And with that announcement, the tree shaking began. A couple of names that were not very well known immediately called their campaigns to an end. Then the first “kind of well known” named candidate (Senator Kirsten Gillibrand) came out yesterday and called it quits.  

Over 10 candidates, including Hawaii’s own Tulsi Gabbard, were not invited to the third debate because they did not make the minimum requirements. However, unlike the ones that quit, Tulsi is sticking it out. Albeit she is complaining about the rules, which were set, but she did not make, Tulsi on Thursday said that she was sticking it out.

Why? What is the reason why some who will not make the third debate still sticking it out?

My suspicion has to do with how others will judge a candidates endurance when challenges like this come along. Oh sure, it’s all easy to stick around if your invited to all the debates. However, it is harder if your primary source of amplifying your message is taken away from you. That is what these debates provide the candidates.

For the candidates that are quitting now, It is my impression that their future impact will just be in the seats they currently hold. Maybe one or two will go after higher offices, like state Senator. But if any of them think that they will be looked fondly by the winning candidate for the Democratic side for potential presidential appointments, that is really wishful thinking.

The image I get for those dropping out now, going to the winning candidates, asking for position and favors, is the same scene that was played out in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. In one of the last scenes, where Gene Wilder, playing Wonka, tells Grandpa Joe that Charlie won’t be getting the lifetime supply of chocolate because “he lost”. The full line reads like this.

 “…so you get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!”

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Gene Wilder playing Willy Wonka

Just think of Joe Biden, or Bernie Sanders, in Wonka’s place, saying that in this way!