Headshot of Stan Fichtman
Stan Fichtman

“There is a lot of noise in speaking of the issues of the day. I created this website to help get to the truth of these matters – through thoughtful analysis of how things are that empowers critical thinkers and invites engagement in conversation.”

From Makakilo, Oahu to Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and then back to Honolulu. Stan Fichtman took that voyage in the early 1990’s. From seeing the political dynamics of the end of colonial Hong Kong to the debate of whether Taiwan was part of China or not, the political dynamics sparked an interest in politics that continues to this day. With a MA in Political Science, Stan has also worked to master the art of living in one of the most expensive cities in the world – Honolulu, Hawaii. He has done this by literally becoming expert on a number of different fronts – from working in a kitchen store in a mall, through working at a newspaper and a staff of a city council member, all the way to working on employment training and managing of federal/state grants – Stan continues to work for the state and its people.

All of these experiences has provided Stan a wealth of knowledge on the how’s and why’s of Hawaii, its people. With his international understanding, Stan also has the ability to give perspective and insight of issues going on around the world with trustworthy analysis that his friends have relied on for years. He now provides this insight through this website – Politics Hawaii with Stan Fichtman.

Stan Fichtman lives in Honolulu, Hawaii with his wife Leigh. Stan is one of two generations of his family that was born and raised in Hawaii, and continues the legacy of the Fichtman family in Hawaii, now 56 years lo6g.