An Icon, Redefined

It’s no longer about making money, obviously.

I’m talking about the change in thinking that is happening in Hong Kong. With the demonstrations going on in places where I walked those streets as a teenager, and more recently with my wife, the change in thinking has become very apparent.

Image result for hong kong from the peak
Iconic view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

What I refer to is a time, back in the past, where these sociological and governmental issues that seem to be so important now, were discounted to a great degree. For you see, many in Hong Kong will tell you that earning money, to be rich, was the key to everything. From being a land or shipping baron to being related to a “Hong” (significant business in Hong Kong), it all had to do with money.

Earning money was the bread and butter of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong excelled at developing an economy, both in banking and export, that created and spread enormous monies all over.

But it seems now the demonstrators who want to move Hong Kong in a certain direction are not too concerned about creating and holding onto wealth. Instead, and I am sorry to say this, the demonstrators seem quite content eating the scraps of food thrown at them by the real power brokers paying the bills for these demonstrations.

Image result for hong kong demonstration gun
Hong Kong Policeman pointing a revolver at demonstrators

For many throwing the Molotov Cocktail and screaming while tear gas punctuates their bodies, they seem to be willing slaves to torture so that others, higher ups, can “make a point” if you will to either another political faction in Hong Kong, the rulers in Beijing or the overall matrix of Asia.

Related image
Visual tension happening in Hong Kong

Whatever the final solution to bring peace to Hong Kong, the fact that we may not be able to see the place in the same light as in the past is less a theory, and more a certain thing.

And that is sad, indeed.