End of the year, with new directions

With the end of 2022 now with us, being that today is New Year’s Eve, Politics Hawaii with Stan Fichtman is looking ahead to the new year, with new features for readers.

First and foremost, Politics Hawaii will continue to adhere to its mission: looking at the world through a Hawaii perspective…The political, social, and business zeitgeist – analyzed. As dedicated readers will note, though, the weight of the writing has been on the political. Not to say that this blog has ignored the rest, but for the last few years, as others may agree, politics and the social issues from politics have been at the forefront.

With 2023 now upon us, and the issues of the pandemic subsiding, it has been noted that the level of the nose in politics has cooled down to a normal simmer. For instance, complaints about the budget, policy, and the economy have been moved to the front burner. The disruptions of the pandemic, partially due to politics, has and will continue to cool on the backburners going forward.

Because of this, Politics Hawaii is actively looking to pivot more to bringing in other voices, talking about other subjects that are issues of interest to many in Hawaii. Discussions about things that may not directly address politics, but address areas of society, business, and even other things of note, will be entertained through this medium, going into 2023.

Politics Hawaii, therefore, invites all who read this blog to propose articles and written material that may be considered for publication on these and other subjects. One caveat is that Politics Hawaii tries to hold to a “middle perspective” meaning that it is not focused only on conservative or liberal voices. Both are invited, but there will be a balance in the middle overall.

Contributions can be pitched through the website’s “Contact Us” portal. When pitching please provide your name, your idea, and, most importantly, your email address so that I can reach out to you and finalize your pitch.

This pivot will start on January 1, 2023, with a new contributor to Politics Hawaii, Mr. Brandon Dela Cruz of L&L Hawaiian Barbeque. His article will speak about issues of food and society that this publisher hopes you will find rewarding. So be on the lookout for that, coming out at about noon Hawaii time, New Year’s Day 2023. Read his piece, and if you find that you want to contribute, again go to the “Contact Us” portal and make a pitch.

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou – Happy New Year – from Politics Hawaii with Stan Fichtman

Stan Fichtman
Publisher, Website owner
Politics Hawaii with Stan Fichtman
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